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  • Pooneryn, Northern Province of SRI LANKA

    Investment Rational

    The North of the Island had been privy to a 30 year civil war. 18 nautical miles the Southern province of Tamil Nadu (India), with a population of 80 million. SCI believe there is a price arbitrage which will bridge with a change in sentiment and infrastructure.

    Project Synopsis

    Rigorous title checks on purchase, institutionalizing the land. Large infrastructure gains made (both micro & macro). At the rear of the estate on 40 acres, a coconut estate planted. In addition to landbanking and agriculture SCI will seek JV partners for leisure.


    Pooneryn, Northern Province of Sri Lanka, 15km from Jaffna and 18 nautical miles from India.

    The Property

    Beachfront land, facing the Indian Ocean measuring 80 acres.